White Disappointment

I am always into trying new things in terms of gardening. I like new shapes, new colors, new flavors. I one of my seed catalogs I found miniature white pickling cucumbers. I was fascinated of idea  to have jar of white cucumbers on cold winter day. It was advertised as never bitter variety. So I decided to try it.

For testing purposes I planted 4 seeds. Only one germinated. Plant itself was slow to grow. It took about 3 months for first fruit to come up. Small white cucumber. I was excited to taste it. First bite… very bitter! I thought maybe I didn’t water it enough… So I watered it excessively and waited for more fruits. And there it came… Another bitter fruit. Then I fertilized thinking that maybe there is nutrition problem. And that didn’t helped. About mid summer I noticed that leaves of that cucumber turned white. Apparently this variety is not powdery mildew resistant.

So for conclusion, white cucumber was not what I expected. Fruits were bitter. I got only 5 little cucumbers of one plant. It is not resistant for powdery mildew.

If there is a secret method how to grow these cucumbers I would like to know it and give it a try again.  For now this variety it is banned from my garden.

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