If you want your patio or yard would be filled with bright blossoms till fall grow geraniums. They will decorate your environment with with beautiful blossoms and attractive foliage.

Light Loving

You can grow geraniums almost anywhere but they thrive and bloom the most if planted in south, south east or south west side. If you grow geraniums in pots, make sure that they don’t block sun to one another. Signs like falling leaves, faded color blossoms,  low blooming rate means that you need to look for sunnier place.


Most geraniums grow pretty good in pre-made potting soil. But if you ambitious you can make your own. Mix top soil, organic compost, manure compost and sand in proportions 2:2:2:1. It is very important to break up surface of the soil so air would get to plant roots.

If you grow succulent geraniums (not very common in North Dakota) mix in more sand in. Recommended proportions 2:2:2:2.

Water and Spray

If geraniums lacking water they leaves starts curling up and turn lime yellow, plant stops growing, flower buds fall off. When soil is too wet plants starts rotting from bottom of the stem, even some mold can  be visible.

It is recommended to water geraniums in the morning. Through periods of hot weather water twice a day: in the morning and in the evening.  Most suitable is room temperature water.

If humidity is very low geraniums need to be sprayed with water. That prevents leaf edges from yellowing. Spray early in the morning or late ant night when direct sun doesn’t reach the plant.

From late fall till early spring (while geraniums indoors) water very lightly, occasionally just to keep soil from over drying.


Once in 10 days fertilize whit all purpose fertilizer or spacial geranium fertilizer. Make sure that nitrogen levels are lower then other. High nitrogen levels promotes foliage growth and stops from blooming.

Winterize in cool place

If you decide to keep geraniums through the winter you need to bring it indoors. They doing best in cool 50-55 F but light place. If you decide to keep in in your warm house, next year expect poor blooming performance.

Don’t be scared if geraniums will drop all leaves when brought indoors. As long as stems are green plant is alive. Next spring when taken outside they will get new leaves and blooms.

Form a Tree

It is possible to form tree looking geraniums. It takes about 3 years.

First from young plant cut off all side growth. Leave only main stem. Tie it to straight stake. Fertilize and water regularly. Through the winter place in cool place. It help to form sturdy stem. Keep trimming side growth until you reach desirable “tree” height. Next spring let couple leaves to grow, then trim very top of the plant. It will make it branch out. Now just form top of the “tree” the way you want. Remove branches you find not healthy. Leave just the strongest and healthiest.

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