Growing Chrysanthemums


Chrysanthemums as well known as cushion mums are most rewarding fall delights. These cheerful bright flowers are the last ones to get vanished by fall frost and snow. Mums are perennial plants. Every spring little sprouts comes out of the ground and grows vigorously like green bushes all summer long. And when other flowers gets first frost bites chrysanthemums opens up to brightening our flower beds.

Cushion mums are fairly easy to grow. They need very little to no care. One thing to remember while growing these plants is that too much care might kill it. I am addressing it to fertilizing. People where I live tend to fertilize everything and all the time.  But in this case need to take extra caution. Fertilize cushion mums with half strong fertilizer concentration then recommended. Stop fertilizing by mid July. General purpose fertilizers like Miracle Gro makes chrysanthemums grow lush foliage, but unfortunately when they start forming blossoms it might lead to loosing it. Over fertilizing forces mums grown new sprouting which most likely not going to bloom this year.

Another important chrysanthemum care tip is pinching. If you choose to buy small plant from your choice nursery or greenhouse in spring or summer it is recommended to pinch tops of your plant. Sometimes young plants already has flower buds formed and you might find hard to just clip it off, but it is pay off in fall. Pinch your plant every two weeks until mid-July. Through next couple of month mums will form beautiful bush like plant that will have bunches of blossoms.

In fall when hard cold or snow will vanish your cushion mums don’t cut them back. Leave stems. Mulch around with peat moss or even fallen tree leaves.

In spring don’t rush to cut off your dried out chrysanthemum stems. When ground warms carefully uncover mulching. Keep eye for new growth from roots and bottoms of old stems. When new growth will reach 6 in height cut of old dried stems.

Generally chrysanthemums comes in huge variety of colors and shapes. From buttons, till spider mums, till little daisy like blossoms. To make an impression plant masses of the same color mums by sidewalks, driveways. Or plant in groups of three in spacious flowerbeds.


But if you get really ambitious you might try some Japanese technique called ozukuri or thousand bloom chrysanthemum.

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