Rain is good. Too much rain is a trouble.

We been seeing very wet and cooler weather pattern last couple of weeks. People started noticing changes in their gardens and even larger trees. Wilting leaves, black or brown spots on leaves, pale or dark purple foliage color were the most common complains. So what to do now? Before making decision what to do, need to understand causes of it. 

In wet season wilting leaves means poor drainage and waterlogged roots. In these conditions root rot infects plant root system very quickly and in most cases almost impossible to save plant. To avoid it in the future need to revise garden drainage conditions.

Black or brown spots on foliage usually indicates blight fungus infection. Depending on what species of plant you seeing symptoms on might make leaves tun yellow and fall off. That usually happens on larger shade trees. On plants like peonies it makes entire leave tun brown and curl. Generally blight fungus thrives in cool and wet weather conditions. Airborne spores freely spread with air movement. Once your plant gets blight you can treat it with systemic fungicides (spray fungicides usually not effective due to wet weather and rain wash). It is recommended to remove as much affected leaves as possible and dispose (not in compost pile!!!). Due this condition plants most likely will survive. Just might not look as nice for the rest of the season.

Foliage discoloration. Light green color usually means that nutrients are washed out with excessive quantity of rain. This condition is called chlorosis.  Plant is lacking nitrogen that is needed for healthy photosynthesis. In simple terms it is plants inability to get in nutrients needed.  If plant will not get his green color in 7 days after rain stopped fertilizer application is needed. When plant foliage turn purple that is sight of plant inability to absorb phosphorus from the soil due to cool weather conditions. Most cases this condition goes away on it’s own when weather warms up. If not, apply fertilizer that contains phosphorus.

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