Prairie Rose Greenhouse & Nursery is small business owned by Ulrich’s family. It is located in Elgin, North Dakota.

We are proud of our annual plant selection grown right here in heart of the prairie. Carefully selected seeds leads to high quality flowers and vegetables. Plant variety adjusted every year based on customers request, feedback and our own performance tests.

We are happy to offer wide range of trees and shrubs to our community. Our nursery stock comes from experienced wholesale nurseries in Oregon, Minnesota and Manitoba (Canada). Dealing with market leaders is our way of building reputation as quality oriented business. Every item we offer to our customers is assessed to meet winter hardness requirements and general climate conditions. We carry only certified disease free stock.

For customers convenience in the beginning of each year we publish our upcoming season stock list here in our website. Suggestions, changes or additions are accepted.

We dedicated to work in personal level with every customer to find the best garden solution.

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Drop us an e-mail  info@prairieroseplants.com

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2 thoughts on “About”

  1. One important piece of information is missing. You don’t display, or you have buried the information on the growing zones and what they mean. We are not all experts and listing a numerical number with no further explanation is pretty useless.

    1. Hello Vinny,
      Thank you for your observation. Sometimes we really forget that not everybody know what numerical zone values mean. So as a follow up to you comment, we added USDA hardness zone maps under our Nursery catalog listings.
      Sima Ulrich

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