Tree Damage Management

Early season snowfall
Early season snowfall

Early snowfall this year cough trees still with leaves. That  lead to heavy wet snow build up on branches causing them to snap as matches, twist and split.

Now it is time to clean up. Save lightly damaged trees and cutting down hopeless cases. Unfortunately not every tree can be saved.  Here are few basic guidelines for managing damage.

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End of Season Rummage SALE!

Prairie Rose Greenhouse & Nursery starts final season SALE.  We offer prices that you cannot beat!

  • All seeds – buy one packet get another one free
  • Seed Potato & Onion sets – buy 1 lb get another one free
  • Baskets & Patio Pots Medium size – $10 ea
  • Baskets & Patio Pots Large size – $20 ea
  • Angel’s Trumpet Pot XXL size – $30
  • All other plants inside greenhouse – buy one get one free
  • All nursery stock (whatever left in our outdoor area) 30% discount from already low prices!

Rummage sale business hours:

Friday and Saturday ( June 21 – 22)  8 am – 5pm.


Rain is good. Too much rain is a trouble.

We been seeing very wet and cooler weather pattern last couple of weeks. People started noticing changes in their gardens and even larger trees. Wilting leaves, black or brown spots on leaves, pale or dark purple foliage color were the most common complains. So what to do now? Before making decision what to do, need to understand causes of it.  Continue reading “Rain is good. Too much rain is a trouble.”


Exciting day today in our nursery! Big Chunk of nursery stock has arrived today.

Understanding the Different Types of Corn

63039276.UQtYQrsjThere are many different types of corn, with the two most common types being sweet and field corn. Within these two main groups are many distinct and separate varieties, which are often categorized based on the shape of the kernel. Each variety has its advantages and disadvantages: some are bred for particularly high yields, while others are bred for their taste, and still others are bred for a particular shape. There are also specialty corns, some of which are grown mostly for experimental use or for decoration. Continue reading “Understanding the Different Types of Corn”