Mysterious world of petunias

Choices can be overwhelming

It is getting more and more confusing these days just to pick all time favorite Petunia for your summer garden. New names and kinds introduced every year and adds screaming that each of them is better than the one before. What is the real best choice?! As many other occasions in life there is no straight answer… Some do better in pots, some in the garden. Some have big blossoms but doesn’t tolerate wind, some have small charming flowers and and do just right in summer heat. It is not the case when one fits all. I decided to do my part – do little research for my own knowledge and share it all with you. Hope that will help you to choose!

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Growing Chrysanthemums


Chrysanthemums as well known as cushion mums are most rewarding fall delights. These cheerful bright flowers are the last ones to get vanished by fall frost and snow. Mums are perennial plants. Every spring little sprouts comes out of the ground and grows vigorously like green bushes all summer long. And when other flowers gets first frost bites chrysanthemums opens up to brightening our flower beds. Continue reading “Growing Chrysanthemums”

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New Garden Shapes: Ornamental Kale

Selling plants in greenhouse I heard a lot of comments like “don’t show me these flowers, I cannot eat them”. But here is answer to this one! Ornamental kale or flowering cabbage it is absolutely stunning fall flower that you can eat if you want!

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Delightful Borders of Lisianthus

Lisianthus is native plant for southern part of North America and South America. Here in cold climates we grow it as annual plant. Colors of these flowers varies for deep purple to white, yellow and pink. Most common is  florist lisianthus. It is tall almost 3 ft plant. Long lasting blossoms and rose like flowers makes it perfect cut flower. Quite few times I caught myself staring at these gorgeous blossoms in flower shop as well.  Continue reading “Delightful Borders of Lisianthus”

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